Hi, I'm Lesia

Welcome to our practice! I’m Lesia Fedorenko. My team and I focus on providing a safe haven for other expats just like us. Our practice offers treatments for everyone – individual, couple, and International students. We rely on a direct but empathetic style and believe in mutual feedback between client and therapist to render therapy a rewarding experience. About Lesia . . .

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Zurich Expat Psychologists

Zurich Expat Psychologists – We listen with a psychoanalytic ear. Our working style is thoughtful, empathetic, and judgement-free. We will support, guide, and challenge you as we work together. In each session, we will help you recognize and adjust any negative thinking patterns that may be prohibiting you from reaching your goals. We will also assist you in developing a more positive perspective when tackling your presenting issues.Therapy and counselling are guided process of self-discovery. Whether it begins in response to a traumatic event or at a time when positive change is sought, old patterns of behavior and thinking can stand in the way of healthy communication and feelings. Therapy and counseling provides access to strengthen skills so that new and healthier thoughts, feelings and behaviors take the place of old unhealthy ones.

areas of expertise

About Lesia – my area of expertise is the mind and the way it affects our behavior and well-being. The practice aims to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness. How well you cope with life – your mental health – is just as important as your physical health. Worry, stress, and anxiety affect everyone, but if you feel overwhelmed, unable to cope, unable to make good decisions, and experience difficulties achieving a fulfilling relationship, you need help.We specialize in anger and stress management, mood and anxiety disorders, and relationship difficulties. I also provide therapy for neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD.